4 Semester LLM

Admission Rules for Four Semester LL.M.

The admission of a two year LL.M. opens generally with other masters’ degree programmes of the Tribhuvan University. Students seeking admission to this programme can apply while the Faculty announces for admission. Applicants seeking admission should face entrance exam except foreigners. The language of entrance exam is either in English or Nepali. Jurisprudence of Bachelor of Laws is considered as the syllabus for LL.M. entrance exam.

Modalities of the questions and Marks Allocation:                                            Full Marks: 100   

Time: 3 hrs.   


Nature of Questions

Marks allocated




Objective Questions

50 x 1= 50

50 min



Subjective Questions:

a. Long answer question

b.Short answer questions

c. Short notes


1 x 20 = 20

2 x 10 = 20

2 x 5 = 10


2.10 hrs


Knowledge of Jurisprudence

Required Testimonials

While applying for entrance examination students shall submit the copies of following documents:

  • Certificate and mark-sheet/transcript of Bachelor of Laws 
  • Character Certificate,
  • Migration Certificate (if applicable) 
  • Citizenship Certificate
  • Other required documents