Mr. Animesh Upadhyaya

Associate Professor

Supreme Court of Nepal
License No. 1616
Rajdhani Kanuni Sewa
Kupondole, Lalitpur


Kuleshwore- 14, Oriental Colony,

Kathmandu, Nepal

Tel:  977- 9851042268

P.O. Box.1247

1. Date Birth:                                      30/12/1959                                                           

2. Nationality:                                      Nepali                                                           

3. Academic Qualification:                 LL.M ( Commercial Law) National Law School of India University, Bangalore, India, 1994.

 Other Activities        

4. National Level                               Paper presented on “Required Legal Reform before obtaining WTO membership” in 8th national conference of lawyers, March 10-12, 2000, Biratnagar, Nepal.

Paper presented on “Privatization Trends, Experiences and challenges” 7th national conference of lawyers, March 14-16, 1997, Janakpur, Nepal.   

Paper presented on “Privatization Policies and Challenges” organized by Nepal inter corporation employee’s association participated by the trade union representatives of SAARC countries, December 8, 1996, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Paper presented on” Foreign Investment in Nepal” participated by all Chief Justices of SAARC countries, March 31 to April 2, 1995, Kathmandu,   Nepal.

Participated 10 days workshop on “Private Sector Reform: Privatization Issues and Method” organized jointly by International Development Law Organization (Rome, Italy) and Nepal Law Society, April 3 -13, 1994, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Participated in “Training of Trainers” organized by   International Development Law Organization (Rome, Italy), 6-8 March 2006, Kathmandu,  Nepal

Completed and acted as coordinator in the training workshop on “Intellectual Property Rights Protection, Enforcement and Practices”

Organized by   International Development Law Organization (Rome, Italy), 9-10 March 2006, Kathmandu,  Nepal

Participated “Training of Trainers” organized by   International Development Law Organization (Rome, Italy), 6-8 March 2006, Kathmandu,  Nepal

5. International  Level:                     Attended seminar on “Strengthening Privatization Process” June 24-26, 1998, organized by Adam Smith Institute, London, U.K.

Participated in “Enterprise and Investment Lawyers Course” organized by International Development Law Organization, June 20 to July 4, 1997, Rome, Italy.

Study visit in World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), in the invitation of WIPO, November 26-29, 2007, Geneva, Switzerland.

Participated in “10th Asia–Pacific Regional Public International Trade Course” organized by International Development Law Organization, 7-28 November 2009, Sydney, Australia.

Attended 21 days refreshers course on “Human Rights and Jurisprudence” organized by University Grant Commission (UGC), 1992, Bangalore, India.

6. Other Professional

Associations:                                       President- Forum for Studies and Research on    Economic Liberalization Activities

Vice President-International Development Law Organization Alumni Nepal.

Convener- Training Committee, International Development Law Organization Alumni Nepal.

Convener- Research Department. Nepal Law Campus, Kathmandu, Nepal

Member- SAARC Law, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Member- Supreme Court Bar Association.

Legal Consultant- Many Corporate bodies

Work Experiences:

7. 1984 till date

Employer:                                            Nepal Law Campus, Tribhuvan University   

Position Held:                                     Associate-Professor

Description of Duties:

Responsibilities:                                  Teaching, Research, Guiding students to write thesis and   dissertation. Presently teaching legal research to post graduate students.

8. From 1995 1 month


Employer:                                            Nepal Government

Position Held;                                     Legal Consultant


Responsibilities:                                  Drafted International Financial Services Bill, 1996 in connection to Nepal developing as a center for International Financial Services.

9. From: 1995 to 1996           

Employer:                                            Government of Nepal

Position Held:                                     Task Force Member for Accession to WTO

Description of Duties:

Responsibilities:                            To determine the benefits and obligations to Nepal before obtaining the membership of World Trade Organization (WTO). Agreement wise analysis to assess the impact on Nepalese economy.

10. From 1995 to 2002

Employer:                                            Ministry of Finance

Position Held:                                     Full time Advisor, Privatization Cell.

Description of Duties:

Responsibilities:                                  Mainly to give policy feedback to privatization committee chaired by Finance Minister.

11. From 1998 to 2000

Employer:                                            Multi- Modal Transit and  Trade Facilitation Project (World Bank)

Position Held:                                     Legal Consultant                                

Description of Duties:


To develop the strategy for the negotiation and development of railway agency agreement to be entered with India in order to facilitate import and export between India and Nepal. Also to prepare the bid document for Birgunj Multimodal Terminal (dry Port).To prepare bid document   other relevant deed to handover Biratnagar and Bhairahawa dry port to private management.

12 .From 1998 to 1999

Employer:                                                        Agriculture Input Corporation (AIC)  

Position Held:                                                 Legal Consultant                                

Description of Duties:

Responsibilities:                                              Splitting seed division from the domain of   Agriculture Input Corporation (AIC) and create independent legal entity to enhance its efficiency and competitiveness.

13.   .From 1998 to 1999

Employer:                                                        Ministry of Finance                                                       

Position Held:                                                 Member Secretary High Level Task Force

Description of Duties:

Responsibilities:                                              To promote the export of readymade garments in USA and other European markets and facilitate them in the process of getting duty free access and GSP facilities.

14 .From 2000 to 2001

Employer:                                                Government of Nepal( Rastray Banijya Bank)                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Position Held:                                                 Member of the Board of Directors

Description of Duties:

Responsibilities:                                              Take various decisions on policy matters       

15. From: 22/04/2002 to


Employer:                                            UNCTAD

Position Held:                                     Consultant

Description of Duties:

Responsibilities:                                  Prepared “An Investment Guide to Nepal Opportunities      and Conditions”, it mainly focuses on regulations governing investment and foreign direct investment in particular and areas of potential interest to foreign investors as well. It also describes the general conditions in which investors must operate: macro economic conditions, infrastructure, human resources, etc.

16. From28/3/ 2002 to


Employer:                                            Government of Nepal (Machhapuchchhre Bank)

Position Held:                                     Member of the Board of Directors

Description of Duties:

Responsibilities                                   Take various decisions on policy matters.

17. Publications:                                  Published many articles in all leading English and Nepali newspapers, magazines, Nepal Law reviews, and journals of the country mainly on various issues of economic reform, WTO, intellectual property rights and privatization.

18. Award:                                          Education Award (medal &cash) by Tribhuvan University for best performance in teaching.

19. Language and Degreeof  Proficiency:           Nepali (Mother Language)

English (Fluent)