Introduction to Nepal Law Review

NEPAL LAW REVIEW (NLR) - A Peer Reviewed Journal
The Nepal Law Review (A Peer Reviewed Journal) is an English Language publication
which has been publishing since 1977. Furthermore, Nepal Law Review is the oldest
law journal in the country and various issues of the journal have been imparting
knowledge, information, unique idea and dialogues on various avenues of law, legal
concepts, legal systems, legal education and other dimensions relevant, most
particularly, applicable to the Nepalese society.
From the Year 40, Vol. 27, 2016-2017 Issue of the Nepal Law Review had initiated the
process of the using blind peer review of the manuscript of articles. As such, authors
are expected to deal with the comments and suggestions on the may be identified after
the completion of peer review.

The Nepal Law Review, a Peer Reviewed Journal, invites submission of articles and
commentaries in various avenues of law for the publication in the up-coming volume of
the Nepal Law Review (NLR). While submitting a manuscript of articles and any
relevant work, each author shall exemplify that the submission is original and shall
furnish the Nepal Law Review the right of first acceptance or refusal. Interested authors
are requested to submit manuscript of articles to the Editorial Board or Nepal Law
Campus accompanied by an assurance that the article has not been published,
submitted or accepted elsewhere. Authors are requested to submit their manuscript is
soft copy in windows word format.
COPYRIGHT: Copyright is vested on Nepal Law Campus. Prior approval of publisher is
required to be requested if any author wishes to publish the articles in any other
Journal, book or present as a Conference and Seminar paper.
EDITORIAL POLICY: The Editorial Board reserves the Exclusive right to edit whenever
necessity for the publication and further reserves the right to reject or withhold or
postpone the publication of any materials.
RULES OF CITATION: The authors are requested to follow any of the standard Rules
of Citation.